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  • Please note that some substitutions are allowed.  Please inquire when making your order.



Nigiri Set (43 pieces) - $27.95

Includes 5 pieces each of ahi, ika, ebi, tai, egg and 6 pieces each of tekka, cucumber, shinko hosomaki

*Wasabi in all items except for shinko








Variety Set (43 pcs) - $27.95

Includes 3pcs of ahi and ebi, 2 pcs of ika, tai, and egg, 6pcs each of tekka, cucumber and shinko hosomaki, 6pcs of california maki, 4pcs of futomaki, and 3pcs of inari 

*Wasabi in ahi, ebi, ika, tai, tekka and cucumber








Maki Set (51 pcs) - $27.95

Includes 10pcs each of futomaki, california maki, 7pcs of egg maki, 6pcs each of cucumber, kanpyo, shinko, and ume hosomaki





















Maki Set with Inari (61 pcs) -$32.85

Includes all the same sushi as the Maki Set above, but add to it 10pcs of inari















 Ayame Set (28 pcs) - $32.25 Includes 4pcs of ahi, ika, ebi, salmon, 3pcs of    unagi, ikura, masago, kazunoko ika

*Wasabi on all items














Sukeroku Set (23 pcs) - $17.65

Includes 12pcs futomaki, 11pcs of inari






Mini Set (27 pcs) - $21.00 Includes 3pcs each of ahi, ika, 2pcs each of ebi, tai, egg, 4pcs of california maki, 2pcs each of inari, 3pcs each of tekka, cucumber, shinko hosomaki

*Wasabi on everything except shinko hosomaki, egg nigiri, california maki, and inari