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Chicken bentos

  • Please note that the chicken bentos are primarily lunchtime items so call ahead to see if there are any available for evening orders to be fried. 
  • Also note that garlic chicken and katsu are everyday items, while mochiko and karaage are only certain days (though if the order is large enough, exceptions can be made).
  • All bentos include rice with furikake, 2pcs of california maki, 3pcs of cucumber hosomaki (has wasabi), a scoop of mac salad, and gari (ginger).  Substitutions are allowed for certain items (e.g. ume/kanpyo/shinko hosomaki for the cucumber; futomaki for the california maki, and salad for mac salad)
  • Chicken can also be ordered as mini bentos as well as a side order chicken only item
  • All minis are just rice with furikake, chicken and mac salad (no sushi)
  • All mini minis are just rice with furikake and chicken (no mac salad or sushi)


  Garlic chicken - $6.65














  Chicken katsu - $6.65














 (New) Sweet Spicy chicken (only on Mondays) -  $6.65




  Mochiko chicken (only on Wednesdays) - $6.65



  Karaage chicken (only on Fridays) - $6.65



  Mini garlic - $4.95



  Mini katsu - $5.50



  Mini mini garlic - $4.40



  Mini mini katsu - $4.95



  Side order of garlic - $2.00 (one order)



  Side order of sweet spicy - $2.65 (one order)



  Side order of katsu - $2.65 (one order)



 Side order of karaage - $2.65 (one order)



 Side order of mochiko - $2.65 (one order)




Side order of katsu - $2.65 (one order)